Tuesday, April 14, 2015

When I followed my heart and made this Diwali a special one !

Follow your heart, an advice which we receive in our life many times. But how many times do we really implement it? Well it is worth thinking. But when we do follow our heart and listen to it, those decisions are one of the best decisions we ever make.
The one incident I recall when I followed my heart and made everyone happy is during the last Diwali. It was Dussehra, when a few of my friends had gathered at my home. Someone coined the topic that we should do something different this upcoming Diwali. May be to spread smiles beyond our family and friend circle.  Something similar was in my mind. To which we came up with the idea everyone contributing some amount and donating it to an orphanage or any such organization which deals in social service or buying something out that amount and donating it to them. Well, only four of us were present there and all of us agreed. It was decided to put the issue on our very own Whatsapp group. I took the initiative and drafted a message and sent it. To my surprise, all the 12 members of the group agreed upon it unanimously. We explored Aurangabad for such organizations. And then we finalized one of them. Two of us visited the organization and asked for their requirements. They listed out some of the rations which they needed.
One of our friend, Bharat; had his birthday during the four days of Diwali. My heart said that why not to visit and make our donation on his birthday to make him feel more special. Again everyone unanimously agreed. When you follow your heart, it seems like everyone agrees to you. May be everyone’s heart said the same thing.
So we contributed a specific minimum decided amount per head. Anyone who wished to contribute more, was allowed to do on his/her wish. One more thing I experienced that that when you follow your heart, you feel a sense of enthusiasm. In our case, it was everyone in our group was feeling it. One of my friend from Mumbai was so happy about our initiative, he sent his donation amount from net banking and assured that he will be personally present the next time. Another friend of us also brought some sweets and clothes for the purpose.
On the decided day, though it was Diwali, when everyone was supposed to be celebrating with family, everyone spared time and was present there. Two of us went to market and brought the rations which were required. And then we to make our birthday boy feel special, we entered his name in the register and also donated the stuffs by his hands. That smile on his face and of course on all my friends’ faces was indeed magical.
And that is when I realized that when you follow your heart, the magic which follows afterwards spreads smiles not only on your face but also your closed ones. Another decision which we took at the same time was to continue our activity on each other’s birthdays.
Note : We all really don’t want to brag about our work so the amount has been purposefully not disclosed.
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