Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Wednesday

               Mumbai was again  rocked with series of 3 bomb blasts on  13th July, 2011 @  Opera House, Zaveri Bazaar & Kabutarkhana(Dadar). Again the target were crowded places and time was peak / busy hours.Its was a normal Wednesday evening and many people were returning home from their office & the blasts took place making it a Black Wednesday.
               Mumbai has become a soft target for the terrorists. The terrorists have attacked the city again and again. The financial capital has now become the capital of BOMB Blasts. I wonder how the city derived it's former name 'BOMB'ay.

               The Common & innocent people are not safe while criminals (our guests) are safe in jail. Whoever is behind this i.e. Indian Mujhahiddin or L-e-T., aren't we going to finish these instituions any day? A few news channels reported that it was AJMAL KASAB"s Birthday. And it is horrible that it was celebrated(by terrorists) not by cutting cake but killing innocent people.

              Mumbai has digested many such BOMB BLASTS before. Nothing new in this one. As always the ministers have expressed their sorrow towards and the Government has provided compensation to the victims.Some of the politicians have even made strange comments. The opposition parties have expressed anger  and have criticized the ruling party. The so called Mumbaikar's spirit has also been praised.
The police will invistegate the issue and case will go on & on for years in the court. The verdict of the court will be challanged in the Supreme Court and on and on...But the people behind this wont be punished..
How many of us remember a convicted person in such cases has suffered severe punishment. In the days to come we will forget this incident and another attack may happen.
And again the above mentioned procedure will take place. The Question which I came across is-
How many such attacks are we gonna sustain in future & is this ever going to STOP ???

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