Sunday, April 12, 2015

Best Video Ads I've ever seen

When it comes to Ads, we generally have a negative approach towards them. It’s because Ads are the one which stand between us and our entertainment, ads are ones which distract us while browsing by way of pop ups may be on computers or smart phones. But how often do we look at the Ads as a creative side of human brain. Many ads offer the best entertainment in the smallest of the time frame. It is just that we don’t look at them in that way. Many Ad campaigns have made the identity of the respective companies and have helped them build their image. So here are a few of the best TV Ads I have ever seen.
1.       Aaila Sachin by Pepsi One of my favorite ads of my childhood by my favorite sports icon then and even today, Sachin Tendulkar. A gang of school kids (I was of the same age when it aired on TV) in their school uniforms with bat and ball in their hands are seen wearing a mask of Sachin Tendulkar. They open a box of Pepsi bottles and start distributing it among themselves. And when one kid hands over the Pepsi to one of them, the guy removes his mask revealing himself who is none other than Sachin Tendulkar. To which the kid’s reaction was, “Aaila, Sachin”. Down the memory lane, this ad by Pepsi is one of my favorite Pepsi commercials.
2.       Raymond’s Complete ManRaymond’s Video ads have always been classy. Their ads depict a lot without words. The one in this list was aired last year. A young couple is about to leave for office in their car when the lady suddenly remembers something and runs back into the house. She comes and sits in the card and again realizes something and rushes back home. This time she takes a lot of time so her husband also rushes into the house. And then, the lady comes out and her husband comes out with their small son. The lady leaves for the office while her hubby stays home to take care of their son. And the only line which is spoken is, ‘Many things make the complete man, being there is just one”.  Truly an Ad which states Actions speaks louder than words.
3.       Google Reunion Though a lengthy one, the best ad depicting the benefits of the internet or say Google search. An old man in India talking to his granddaughter gets nostalgic and tells her about his friend in Pakistan and how they were separated during the India-Pakistan partition. The girl searches the internet and gets connected to her Grandpa’s friend through his grandson. The friend in Pakistan arrives in India with his grandson to meet his buddy first time after the partition.  Throughout the Ad we can see how they are benefitted by Google for the wonderful reunion.
4.       Mauka Mauka Ad (World Cup 2015) Cricket World cup always comes up with and ads that are remembered for ages. The Mauka Mauka ad series this world cup is also one of them. Though there were many ads in this series, the one for India Vs Pakistan match remains the best. Depicting a Pakistani cricket lover’s wish for the last 24 years of world cup of bursting crackers which never came true. Thanks to Team India that they can still feature the Ad’s next part in the next world cup as they still haven’t captured their mauka (opportunity) to burst the crackers. 
5.       Chalo Dekhe Fir Wahi Sapna by Sachin Tendulkar for ICC WC 2015 It was his dream to win the world cup for India. For my generation who ages less than Sachin’s career it was also a dream to win the World Cup as we never witnessed the 1983 saga. But this time he was not going to be with team but with us cheering for the team. The ad touches the heart of every cricket lover as one can hear the chants of Sachin Sachin. And when he says,” Chalo Dekhe fir se wahi sapna”, those goose bumpswhich a cricket lover gets can’t be explained in words.
6.       Saurav Ganguly’s Pepsi AdFind me one cricket lover who was not touched by this ad. There was a time in Dada’s career when he was out of the Team India and was surrounded by many controversies. The ad starts with, “Hi, mera naam saurav Ganguly hai, bhule to nahin?” And further stating his efforts to make a comeback to team India. And also that he was going to support his team and appeals everyone to join the Blue billion cricket fans.
7.       Airtel’s cutest Ad ever- One of the cutest ad by Airtel was aired last year includes a bride and a groom talking over their phones. Amidst all the celebrations the bride is talking to the groom over the phone. The groom naughtily says that tonight he is speaking to his girlfriend for the last time as she will be his wife from tomorrow.  Then this smart bride brings to his notice that their marriage is today as it was well past 12. Though there were few more ads in this series, this one remains my favorite with the catch line –‘Kuch rishteen din raat nahi dekha karte’
8.       Candyman’s naughty kid – Kids and their naughtiness is an integral part of many ads and when it comes to chocolates or candies it is at its peak. The kid in this ad eats the candy (chocolate) and a middle age man who has his car in the reverse gear asks him whether the car is touching or not (Lag raha hai kya). To it this naught kid asks him to reverse it more and suddenly the car hits the wall. The kid then says to the man, “Ab lag gaya!” (Now you've hit it). The ad is naught just like the kid.

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