Friday, March 16, 2012

Take a bow Master !

The much awaited ton of tons was scored by SACHIN TENDULKAR today.
Take a bow master!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Now I hope the critics will shut up their mouth for a while. But some of them will say the century was scored against Bangladesh which has a comparatively weak bowling line up. For them, Sachin has scored most of his hundreds against Australia and this was his 1st hundred against Bangladesh. Some would say that he should retire now because there is nothing left for him to achieve in cricket.  If he does so (which I pray he shouldn’t) again people will say that he played just for the record.
First of all thank You Sachin for giving a billion people 100 reasons to celebrate.  Sachin’s hundred is the only thing which spreads smile among a billion Indians. His hundred unites the nation.
Every time he walked in to bat after the 99th hundred, he was expected to score a hundred. When he didn’t, people said that he should now retire. HE was criticized so much recently. But his fans had faith in him and he didn't prove them wrong. His fans knew that he will score it. It was just the matter of when he will score it. In spite of all the criticism he scored a ton   

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I read an interesting line for the critics on Facebook. It was “ जलनेवाले जलते रहेंगे , सचिन के शतक  बनते रहेंगे ". So true it is. His critics will never stop criticizing, and he will never stop scoring!  
Another few lines I came across in an email –
(With due credit to original author)

“ Lance Armstrong had never been to Tour De France..

Diego Maradona was still the captain of world champion team Argentina Team..

Pete sampras had never won a grand slam..

When Tendulkar embarked on a glorious career taming Imran n company,
Roger federer was a name unheard of..

Lionel Messi was still in his nappies..

Ussain bolt was a unknown kid in Jamaica..”

Well, it took him more than 365 days to score this special ton. It shows his patience, persistence & dedication to his game. I think instead of talking about his retirement, we should just enjoy his game. Because we will never have another SACHIN TENDULKAR.

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