Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Cute Little Guest on the Terrace

On a just another lazy morning, I stood on the terrace looking at the vehicles passing by. I was standing still, eyes on the road and mind lost in some usual thoughts.  This was broken and I was brought to the present by the sweet sound of twittering of sparrows. Wow! There were two of them eating the food grains laid on the terrace. Such was the sweetness of their chirping that it made me forget the exasperate sounds of the vehicles and their honking.  I observed their minute movements closely. The sparrow turned its head to its right and left in a very charming way. Its tiny eyes seemed just like a black dot.  Later, it opened its small wings, jumped off and flew away.
Suddenly I remembered how my Mom used to feed me the lunch/dinner when I was a kid persuading by  saying, “एक घास चिऊचा!  (Ek Ghaas Cheeucha meaning one bite for the sparrow). By using these set of words for different birds & animals, every mother persuades her disinterested child to eat. Sparrows have been such an integral part of our childhood eating.  As we grew up, that cord between us somewhere gets broken. Questions may rise on their decreasing numbers, but do we really spare time to at notice the existing ones?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

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