Friday, October 11, 2013

We will miss u Sachin !

As Sachin Tendulkar announces retirement from Test Cricket, 
V will miss his straight drives..
V will miss his coming down the wicket and hitting d ball above bowler's head..
V will miss thousands in d stadium cheering 'Saachiiin Saachiiin'..
V will miss the stadium erupting after every shot he played..
V will miss fans making noise simply bcoz d ball travelled towards him while fielding..
V will miss crowd of thousands going silent (with both of hands on their head in disbelief) suddenly after his wicket..
V will miss millions (including me) switching off the TVs afters he got out..
V will miss the Nation celebrating Sachin's record, forgetting political unstability, scandals n scams..
V will miss people glued to tv sets or radios watching or listening his innings in shops, stores and public places..
V will miss people asking in the middle of a match, 'Sachin kitiwar kheltoy re?'..
V will miss bowlers making their debut, dreaming to take Sachin's wicket..

V will miss u Sachin !
V will The Legend in Jersey No. 10 !

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