Thursday, December 25, 2014

A lost opportunity

Will you shave or not? The question asked to most of the men. I am the one who personally believes men should be well groomed and have a clean shaven face. Since old times, men are considered the one who are the one who are not interested in grooming and all. In fact in many communities the moustache and beard are the symbol of being manly. But now-a- days things are different. Men are also interested in grooming and other like activities. But still many are criticized for keeping stubble on their face. I have the opinion that men are very lazing to do all these activities. It is not like all men love a stubble and unshaved face, but we are lazy enough to avoid this. It’s so time consuming.

I will like to share my personal experience regarding my stubble look.  Like all other men I am also among the one who is prepared and ready with a well groomed and clean shaved face for special events which are known well in advance. But like all others, I land into trouble when an unexpected special event arises out of nowhere.  I remember it was just before my 21st birthday I missed an opportunity to go on a birthday date (Yes, a birthday date. I date on your birthday is a birthday date) with my crush. I had a habit of not shaving my beard (out of my laziness) for many days and keeping a bristled face. Just before my birthday I realized I needed to shave my beard. But then my inner voice said, “Dear, why are you in such a hurry? You can groom yourself tomorrow morning. Anyhow, the snaps will be taken tomorrow evening when the cake will be cut. No one will notice it till then.” And then I set aside the thought.

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It was on the evening before my birthday, I got a message from my crush, Rashmi, - ‘Hey can you come along with me at XY Book Stores?’

How could I have said NO?

So I replied – ‘When?’

Rashmi – Right now! I’ll explain you everything once you arrive.’

Me – ‘Will be there in 10 minutes.’

I took my bike and headed towards XY stores. I didn’t mind to meet her in a stubble look. (Who knew that she will mind?) I reached XY Book stores on time. She was already there. She told that she was leaving for Delhi tomorrow and wanted to carry something to read along with her in the train.  After purchasing the books, she wished me a happy birthday in advance (So she had not forgotten my birthday).  I told her how unhappy I was that she will not be there at my birthday.

Suddenly a thought came to my mind. I told her I could take her out for the treat today itself.
I said, “Hey Rashmi lets go somewhere I celebrate my birthday in advance!”
She said, “Actually Vasant, I had the same thought in my mind before you arrived. But…”

I asked, “But what?”

Rashmi, “Let it be now”

I was like what the hell! Why not now? What’s the problem?

But I asked in a polite manner, “What happened?”

Being a very close friend she had a habit of being very frank to me. She almost shouted at me, “Look at you Vasant!!! Looks like you have just come out of jail and haven’t shaved up your face for ages”

There was no time for me to go home and come back as it was already late. Noticing my disappointed face she said, “Dear, it’s a punishment for you. Hope you next time keep yourself well groomed every time. A lesson to you a day before your birthday that in future, whenever you ask a girl for a sudden date, you won’t land into trouble.”
Before leaving, she said, “Wish you a happy birthday in advance dear. Enjoy your day tomorrow and keep in mind the lesson you learnt. Bye”
She left and I sat there like a dumb guy who lost an opportunity to take his crush on a date just because of an untrimmed face. 

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A trip to remember - Sinhagad !!!

A trip to remember

Khuub Jamega Rang, Jab milenge teen yaar... (There is no Bagpiper involved here). There are times when you just plan and plan and plan. Very few of them get executed. About 4-5 days ago, I called Anup A.k.a Ak, from Mumbai asking him to come to Pune so that we could roam around Pune. I was off to Pune for a change after my CMA final exams. Another friend of us Pankaj aka Pk (no resemblance with the movie Pk) was already out there for his studies.

Meeting your friends in a new city is always fun. And in our case, it was me who knew nothing about Pune; Pankaj who was there for his studies but was equally new to Pune and Anup from Mumbai who always shook his head saying, “I don’t understand a dam thing about Pune”.

Even after all of this, we decided to go to Sinhagad. We decided to meet at Swargate, a place from where we could board the bus to Sinhagad.  Anup had to take a bus from Mumbai at 6 AM. I messaged him, ‘Are you sure you are going to wake up so early?’
To this he directly sent a screenshot of his alarm set at 5 AM. I was still not sure whether he will make it or not. The chilling winter was one reason and second but obvious his laziness.

On the day, I woke up just to check whether he had boarded the bus or not. To my surprise he was on his way on time. It was going to be a three hour journey for him. The temperature in Pune had dropped well below 9°celcius. Swargate was more than an hour journey by bus for me and for Pankaj it was a half hour distance. Accordingly I left. Being from a city (Aurangabad) which has nothing called public transport, a city like Pune tests your patience while you wait for a bus. After a long wait I boarded the bus. Meanwhile Anup had already reached. Soon I reached the decided place. Meeting a friend after a long time from another city in some another city gave us a feel from the movie ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’. And why not, all of us were strangers to this place and arrived at the meeting point from our respective places. Soon Pankaj also arrived.

We headed to the bus stop from where we could get a bus to Sinhagad. We were already late and after enquiring, we came to know that was bus will take more time to arrive. Then we decided to go by a six-seater or Tumtum or Dugdugi as it is popularly called. Anup’s head kept hitting the roof of the vehicle and I made fun of it throughout our journey. On the way, we saw the Khadakwasla Dam. And then we headed to our destination, Sinhagad.

As we reached there, we were hungry. While looking for where to have our lunch, a board caught our attention. The name was, ‘Aaplya Balucha Dhaba’. We decided to have lunch there. The view from there was awesome.

 Well I am not endorsing the dhaba, but I really liked the way they interacted with us. It was a practical example of how customer relationships should be managed. We ordered Dahi(curd which comes in a pot) and Pithla Bhakri which is very popular out there.

 After the delicious lunch, we headed to the fort.

While on any fort, one is always surprised that how such a huge fort must have been constructed hundreds of years ago. Same was the point of our discussion.


 The respect towards Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and his empire gets doubled as one discusses the various events from the life of Shivaji Maharaj. Especially in Maharashtra, Sinhagad has a special place in history because of the sacrifice made by Tanaji Malusare. We were awestruck when we saw the cliff from where he climbed up the fort

There is also a house of Lokmany Tilak who resided there. Mahatma Gandhi and Lokmany Tilak met there once during the independence struggle.
Even though it was 3 PM, there was considerable amount of fog because of which we were unable to see Rajgad, Torna and Purandar forts which are visible from there.

On our return journey, we decided to go down by a vehicle as we were in a hurry. The jeep service drops the passengers. There was a group of college girls in the jeep. Me and Anup sat beside the driver. Pankaj, fortunately or unfortunately had to sit in the last row with the girls. (I think no more explanation is need why I used ‘fortunately or unfortunately’).

 Later we again took a Tumtum(Dugdugi) to Swargate. On our way, our tumtum’s engine stopped. The reasons not know to the driver either. We literally pushed it away from the road to clear the traffic behind us. After endless efforts it started. And this way we completed our one day trip to Sinhagad.
To all my friends reading this, we missed you all the whole day. Hope someday we arrange something similar to a new place.   

Friday, July 25, 2014

My “Black Wishlist”

Black is considered as not so auspicious color in our tradition apart from a few exceptional cases. Black has always been symbolized as a color related to evil people or evil deeds. Black is also used as a color to protest against anyone.
But as every coin as has its two sides, and the second side is always the opposite of the other, black is also considered as a color symbolizing anything mysterious, royal and supreme. In fact, other colors get enhanced when used along with Black color. Black suits anywhere and on anything. Black is indeed Beautiful !!!
When I decided to write down A ‘Black Wishlist”, it was a difficult one for me. Because restricting it to only 5 things was a though task. But after a giving a little thought to it, I completed My ‘Black Wishlist’. So here it is...  

1) A DSLR – Owning a DSLR ( Digital Single Lens Reflex) Camera is my cherished dream. Well, its strange to imagine a DSLR of any color except Black ( Just imagining it feels weird). So DSLR will always be on top of my ‘Black Wishlist’ or any Wishlist. I would love to travel and explore the world only with my Black DSLR.  Capturing Monochromes from my Black DSLR will be fun indeed.

2) A Black Pen – Yes, a black pen, both black from the outside(Black body) as well as inside (Black ink).  It may sound strange but a black pen looks cool on the shirt. Also, it sets your form, application letter or the examination answer sheet apart from all others. Though I am a blogger, I prefer to write in my notebook or diary first. Though I have numerous Black pens, I want one more Black Pen which will have a diamond engraved on it.  

3) A Black Car – Ah! That has been on my wishlist since I was 3 or 4 years. As a kid I was ( I am still) very fond of cars. My collection of toys only included cars. As I grew up, the dream of a Black car has not faded but the desire  has become more intense. For me nothing is more sexy than a Black Car.

4) Black Coffee Mug - Now this will sound little odd.  Not many prefer to have tea or coffee in black mugs. But I have always had a wish to sip hot Dark Black coffee in  a customized Black Coffee Mug. The Black coffee mug will carry my name written on it.

5) Watch – People may say that with the advent of mobiles, the watch industry is in danger. But I think a wrist watch ( Black Wrist Watch) will still be the one and only accessory for men to wear and show off. A Black Wrist Watch embodied with jewels with a Black strap is also on my Black Wishlist. This concludes my ‘Black Wishlist’.

To sum up, I just imagine my life with all the things in my Black Wishlist. To start with I will get up early when it dark (Black) outside. Then I will have my Black coffee in my customized Black Coffee Mug. I will check the time in my Black Wrist Watch embodied with jewels so that I am not late. Then I’ll rush out of my house in my Black Car for a long drive ( may be somewhere uphill or at a riverside). After finding a suitable place, I’ll get down my car and start capturing the captivating scenes around and later simply take out my Beautiful Black Pen and write down any verse or anything that comes to my mind.
Simply Blacktastic :P

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A Cute Little Guest on the Terrace

On a just another lazy morning, I stood on the terrace looking at the vehicles passing by. I was standing still, eyes on the road and mind lost in some usual thoughts.  This was broken and I was brought to the present by the sweet sound of twittering of sparrows. Wow! There were two of them eating the food grains laid on the terrace. Such was the sweetness of their chirping that it made me forget the exasperate sounds of the vehicles and their honking.  I observed their minute movements closely. The sparrow turned its head to its right and left in a very charming way. Its tiny eyes seemed just like a black dot.  Later, it opened its small wings, jumped off and flew away.
Suddenly I remembered how my Mom used to feed me the lunch/dinner when I was a kid persuading by  saying, “एक घास चिऊचा!  (Ek Ghaas Cheeucha meaning one bite for the sparrow). By using these set of words for different birds & animals, every mother persuades her disinterested child to eat. Sparrows have been such an integral part of our childhood eating.  As we grew up, that cord between us somewhere gets broken. Questions may rise on their decreasing numbers, but do we really spare time to at notice the existing ones?

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