Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The story of Ginger & Turk

Heart is the place where all your passion comes from. Yes indeed.  And many times it may take the other side also. The side which you thought you may never turn in future. Probably that is why there is saying, ‘Never say, that will not happen to me. Life has its own ways of proving you wrong.’
I will like to narrate a story of my friend Shankar who followed his heart and made a magical decision.  He lives as at a room which he has taken on rent. I know him since 5 years. One day when I visited his room I found two cute puppies in his room.  I was awestruck. I almost yelled out loud, “Hey what are these cuties doing here? How have you not kicked them away yet?”
To which he came from inside and replied, “ Dude, these are my new pets !”
And this was the second shock for me. Never I in my life I could have imagined Shankar having pets, especially dogs.
I said, “ Don’t try to fool me. You can never have pets. These puppies must have entered when the door was open.”
To which he replied, “I am serious Vasant. If these weren't my pets, why would they have lingered around me legs instead of yours?”
So he was true. The puppies which were lingering around me and were now near him. To which I happily took one of them in my arms and started playing with.
The reason I could have never imagined Shankar having pets was that he was horribly afraid of dogs. I don’t know why but he was scared of them.
“So what made you change your choices dude? A few months ago when we met Oscar(A pet from my other friend) you were running away from that one month old puppy as if he was going to eat you.”
He said, “These puppies were born in the open space besides my room. There were a few more. I used to see them every day. But one day, their mother went missing. That morning I saw only these two roaming here and there. Till the evening their mother didn't return. Somehow she vanished. I just felt pity for them and took them to my room.”

Ginger & Turk
“So now you are not afraid of dogs?”
“No !!! Look how cute they are! Well, when I saw them alone roaming the whole day without their mother, somewhere down in my heart I felt that I should take care of them. And now, when I have followed my heart, I am no longer afraid of dogs. In fact I am  loving them.”
“Wow ! So have you named them or not?”
“Yes, he is Ginger(pointing towards the one in his left) and this(pointing to this one in his other hand) is Turk

And in this way my friend who followed his heart got rid of his fear and for me and his friends, we got two puppies with whom we spent our evenings playing with.

Having fun with Ginger

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  1. What you're saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say.


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