Friday, July 25, 2014

My “Black Wishlist”

Black is considered as not so auspicious color in our tradition apart from a few exceptional cases. Black has always been symbolized as a color related to evil people or evil deeds. Black is also used as a color to protest against anyone.
But as every coin as has its two sides, and the second side is always the opposite of the other, black is also considered as a color symbolizing anything mysterious, royal and supreme. In fact, other colors get enhanced when used along with Black color. Black suits anywhere and on anything. Black is indeed Beautiful !!!
When I decided to write down A ‘Black Wishlist”, it was a difficult one for me. Because restricting it to only 5 things was a though task. But after a giving a little thought to it, I completed My ‘Black Wishlist’. So here it is...  

1) A DSLR – Owning a DSLR ( Digital Single Lens Reflex) Camera is my cherished dream. Well, its strange to imagine a DSLR of any color except Black ( Just imagining it feels weird). So DSLR will always be on top of my ‘Black Wishlist’ or any Wishlist. I would love to travel and explore the world only with my Black DSLR.  Capturing Monochromes from my Black DSLR will be fun indeed.

2) A Black Pen – Yes, a black pen, both black from the outside(Black body) as well as inside (Black ink).  It may sound strange but a black pen looks cool on the shirt. Also, it sets your form, application letter or the examination answer sheet apart from all others. Though I am a blogger, I prefer to write in my notebook or diary first. Though I have numerous Black pens, I want one more Black Pen which will have a diamond engraved on it.  

3) A Black Car – Ah! That has been on my wishlist since I was 3 or 4 years. As a kid I was ( I am still) very fond of cars. My collection of toys only included cars. As I grew up, the dream of a Black car has not faded but the desire  has become more intense. For me nothing is more sexy than a Black Car.

4) Black Coffee Mug - Now this will sound little odd.  Not many prefer to have tea or coffee in black mugs. But I have always had a wish to sip hot Dark Black coffee in  a customized Black Coffee Mug. The Black coffee mug will carry my name written on it.

5) Watch – People may say that with the advent of mobiles, the watch industry is in danger. But I think a wrist watch ( Black Wrist Watch) will still be the one and only accessory for men to wear and show off. A Black Wrist Watch embodied with jewels with a Black strap is also on my Black Wishlist. This concludes my ‘Black Wishlist’.

To sum up, I just imagine my life with all the things in my Black Wishlist. To start with I will get up early when it dark (Black) outside. Then I will have my Black coffee in my customized Black Coffee Mug. I will check the time in my Black Wrist Watch embodied with jewels so that I am not late. Then I’ll rush out of my house in my Black Car for a long drive ( may be somewhere uphill or at a riverside). After finding a suitable place, I’ll get down my car and start capturing the captivating scenes around and later simply take out my Beautiful Black Pen and write down any verse or anything that comes to my mind.
Simply Blacktastic :P

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