Thursday, December 25, 2014

A lost opportunity

Will you shave or not? The question asked to most of the men. I am the one who personally believes men should be well groomed and have a clean shaven face. Since old times, men are considered the one who are the one who are not interested in grooming and all. In fact in many communities the moustache and beard are the symbol of being manly. But now-a- days things are different. Men are also interested in grooming and other like activities. But still many are criticized for keeping stubble on their face. I have the opinion that men are very lazing to do all these activities. It is not like all men love a stubble and unshaved face, but we are lazy enough to avoid this. It’s so time consuming.

I will like to share my personal experience regarding my stubble look.  Like all other men I am also among the one who is prepared and ready with a well groomed and clean shaved face for special events which are known well in advance. But like all others, I land into trouble when an unexpected special event arises out of nowhere.  I remember it was just before my 21st birthday I missed an opportunity to go on a birthday date (Yes, a birthday date. I date on your birthday is a birthday date) with my crush. I had a habit of not shaving my beard (out of my laziness) for many days and keeping a bristled face. Just before my birthday I realized I needed to shave my beard. But then my inner voice said, “Dear, why are you in such a hurry? You can groom yourself tomorrow morning. Anyhow, the snaps will be taken tomorrow evening when the cake will be cut. No one will notice it till then.” And then I set aside the thought.

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It was on the evening before my birthday, I got a message from my crush, Rashmi, - ‘Hey can you come along with me at XY Book Stores?’

How could I have said NO?

So I replied – ‘When?’

Rashmi – Right now! I’ll explain you everything once you arrive.’

Me – ‘Will be there in 10 minutes.’

I took my bike and headed towards XY stores. I didn’t mind to meet her in a stubble look. (Who knew that she will mind?) I reached XY Book stores on time. She was already there. She told that she was leaving for Delhi tomorrow and wanted to carry something to read along with her in the train.  After purchasing the books, she wished me a happy birthday in advance (So she had not forgotten my birthday).  I told her how unhappy I was that she will not be there at my birthday.

Suddenly a thought came to my mind. I told her I could take her out for the treat today itself.
I said, “Hey Rashmi lets go somewhere I celebrate my birthday in advance!”
She said, “Actually Vasant, I had the same thought in my mind before you arrived. But…”

I asked, “But what?”

Rashmi, “Let it be now”

I was like what the hell! Why not now? What’s the problem?

But I asked in a polite manner, “What happened?”

Being a very close friend she had a habit of being very frank to me. She almost shouted at me, “Look at you Vasant!!! Looks like you have just come out of jail and haven’t shaved up your face for ages”

There was no time for me to go home and come back as it was already late. Noticing my disappointed face she said, “Dear, it’s a punishment for you. Hope you next time keep yourself well groomed every time. A lesson to you a day before your birthday that in future, whenever you ask a girl for a sudden date, you won’t land into trouble.”
Before leaving, she said, “Wish you a happy birthday in advance dear. Enjoy your day tomorrow and keep in mind the lesson you learnt. Bye”
She left and I sat there like a dumb guy who lost an opportunity to take his crush on a date just because of an untrimmed face. 

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