Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Books !!!

Yesterday I received the parcel of CMA Final study material. I was excited and was going through the books (or say ‘Modules’ as we call it). As a habit, I opened a book and held it close to smell it. Ah!!! Only a book lover can understand how divine the pleasant smell of a new book is. New books, new syllabus, little drizzle and the cool breeze… With this, I became little nostalgic. Yes... It was in the month of June that the school started every year and we used to get new books… But a lot has changed. Text books have been replaced by Modules. The colorful and cheerful front cover is no more. Instead we have a front cover with a corporate look.
No ‘Preamble’ at the starting of the book. The fully loaded flowcharts and tables have replaced the beautiful sketches, pictures and caricatures… The various ‘Acts’ have replaced the fascinating stories…The verses have disappeared a long back.
The eagerness of the new books has now been put back by the deadline to complete the syllabus… The excitement in visiting the market is no more because these days we get books at our doorstep.
But still, books always bring a new feeling. The feeling of joy and anticipation... And the season of monsoon, adds a flavor to it !!!

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